About Us

01 History of Company.

The Company of Life Trip was founded in the Republic of Armenia in 2018. It is registered as a Time Share Booking Hotel LLC (Classification of Economic Activities 79.90.1). Sales are made through network marketing both in Armenia and abroad.

02 Vision.

Purpose of the company is to develop tourism in the Republic Of Armenia, eliminate the poverty, to prove that network marketing is a real type of business and it is possible with little money begin a big business and improve economic status of the country.

03 Actions.

To enter international market, compete with very famous and leading network marketing companies and prove that it is possible to work legally and have big achievements. It gives opportunities not only for a comfortable relax, but also have free business courses and so on.


The most important factor for a successful sale is advertisement; therefore, a network marketer needs to know both selling and advertisement techniques. Our company provides special training programs, in certain countries, that address advertisement techniques by using the knowledge and expertise of experienced experts in the advertisement field.

There are several resources that allow you to grow your business as a LifeTrip distributor. They can help you create your own network over the Internet, face to face, or by sharing information among friends or groups. Informal connections and word of mouth already drive the decisions many of us make. With Direct Selling you simply use this powerful tool to build your own business

Contact Information

Address: RA Yerevan, Arabkir, s. Sundukyan 64/1

Website www.lifetrip.am

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2/3 Adonc st., Arabkir, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia
+(374) 15 244-400

8 Martuni st., Stepanakert, Republic of Artsakh
+(374) 97 304-400
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Our goal is to enter the international market, compete with well-known and leading network marketing companies to prove that one can work legally and achieve great success.